6 Ağustos 2008 Çarşamba

Many Minds Singular Results

During our New York holiday, we visited Porter Novelli's office. Porter Novelli is our global partner and an agency which has "many minds singular results" :)

Before we left Tukey, Leylan set a meeting with Porter Novelli for us. So last Thursday (it was also my birthday:)) Batu, Osman and I visited their office in New York. First we met with Tom. Tom is the Office Manager. He showed us around and told about Porter Novelli's clients and vision.

After the office tour we had lunch with Alan, Debra and Merolyn. They were very friendly and kind. Alan knew the restaurant so we asked him to choose the food for us. Everything was delicious! We also got some suggestions about New York clubs from Debra and Merolyn.

After lunch we were back in the office and had a meeting with Helen Ostrowski who is the Chairman of Porter Novelli. We told her about Marjinal and what we do. We were very happy and proud that she spent some time with us. She will come to Turkey in September for a conference and will also spend a day with Marjinal. We are looking forward to seeing her in Istanbul!
It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed it very much.

Thanks Porter Novelli NY for your warm welcome and hospitality!

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